I Love you more than tunafish!

You know deep deep deep down (keep digging) despite the incessant bickering there is indeed something thicker than water… sibling love! Rebecca was eating her tunafish sandwich when she came home from ice skating practice this evening and she and Griffie were having one of their typically bizarre conversations… they were talking about their likes and dislikes. Rebecca dislikes eggs and milk with a passion rivaled only by her brother’s hatred of tuna. I caught the tail end of the conversation. What I heard was “I love you more than tunafish!”

Now, what I know for certain is that her brothers (both of them!) missed her so much that when she slept over at her friend’s house recently they decided to play in her room… Wait! Maybe that was not out of love, but the chance to enter a No Entry zone, The Sister’s Bedroom! Well, I’m a mother after all so I will pretend to think that they missed her… a little… like crumb from a piece of tunafish sandwich!

One thought on “I Love you more than tunafish!

  1. That’s too cute! My boys also go into their big sister’s room when she’s not home. What they can get away with when she’s not home, eh? I try to go in and tidy up before she gets home so she doesn’t know but sometimes I don’t get to it. Secretly I think she likes when they play with her stuff, LOL!

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