Friday the Thirteenth

I had completely forgotten that yesterday was Friday the 13th until the afternoon. This is probably a good thing as had I known everything would have gone wrong. Not that I am a superstitious person, but I am the type of person to walk around a ladder instead of under it and I have been known to knock on wood.

I took Alexander to the beach yesterday. I had him playing hard and having fun. The purpose for this power play was to get a good nap out of him so that I could pack. We left the beach at Noon and at 12:05 he was passed out cold in his seat. I transferred him without incident and ran up to take a shower. Not 5 minutes after I got out of the shower did he wake. I tried and tried and tried to get him back to sleep but my efforts were proving futile. There is nothing worse for a mom who expects her toddler to nap… who needs her toddler to nap (for sanity purposes) than for her toddler to cut his naptime short. It can really ruin a day. It makes the afternoon drag on and on and on. When you have been up with said Toddler since 6 am you really want a break. When it is just 12:30 in the afternoon you simply can not imagine how on earth you are going to make it until 8pm without completely losing it or melting from sheer exhaustion. The remainder of the day seems like an eternity. It is then that I realize the date and the implications it will have on the day, on my life.

I don’t fight it any more and let Alexander help pack. (Unpack) and we just kind of go through the motions until it is time to pick the other two from camp. I have a sitter all lined up to come play with the kids so that I can continue to pack. Instead I have to take Christopher to get his hair re-cut. Yep, re-cut. I do not know what M was thinking when she cut the kids hair on Tuesday, but Christopher came out with something resembling a Liza Minella cut gone bad… luckilly it was a little longer than Mz. Minelli wears her own hair. But I had to get it fixed so that I would not be appalled, years from now, when I looked through the vacation pictures!

So, here it is Friday the 13th and I am taking Christopher to get his hair fixed. Luckily I forget it is the 13th (temporarily) and when we get to the kid’s salon I tell M to fix it. I simply tell her to even out the (hideous) layers and do something resembling a little boy’s bowl cut. A few snips here and there and the results are amazing. Farewell Liza and Hello Christopher!

Onward and upward. I decide to quickly stop by Toys’R’Us to see if I can find a supersized rake for Alexander to play with at the beach. There isn’t any, but it’s amazing that on 7/13 they are already blowing out all their beach things and we get a couple of really cute toys for Alexander and a great big King Kone Ice cream for Christopher. He’s happy now. (Wasn’t when I had to pull him away from the Xbox he was playing with at the hair salon!)

Then on the way to the car I see this chi chi boutique having a sidewalk sale. My eye… well, both eyes, actually, are imediately drawn to these hip-cool-chiq boots… black suede with black sheerling and these horn buttons on the sides. They are only $50. I try a pair on an they fit like a glove. I call Don and ask him what to do. Then I throw in the deal sealer and tell him that the origianl list price of these Boots is $470! (No, I did not accidentally add an extra number or make a typo.) He said “Fifty buck is fifty bucks… do what you want.” I am not sure what he means. I look at the boots and walk away deciding that I do not need them. I don’t need them? Since when have I ever not gotten something that I didn’t need?

When I am in the car I start to panic and hyperventilate. I should have gotten them. I should have gotten the boots. I contemplate turning around. I contemplate this until it is just too late to do so. Ugh… Grrrr. I am kicking myself at this point. What a stupid idiot I am. I showed self control at the store. Self control is useless and good for NOTHING! And now I want those boots more than anything!I know, for certainly, that had it not been Friday the 13th I would have not shown any self control and would have gladly handed Fifty bucks over to the sales lady and been proud of my Sale prowess… Ugh. Now it is Bastille Day and I am proud of nothing. Then, this morning I learn that I will have no wireless internet access this week… I am hoping that it is still Friday the 13th in Hawaii and as soon as they come on over and join the rest of us n Bastille Day my luck will change!


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