Daily Necessity — Monday, July 30th

There are certain things that make daily survival possible. Coffee is one of them. It’s been two years since I have slept through the night and just as long since I have slept until 7am. I would love to blame it all on Alexander, but really, every one in this house is to blame. I have to keep moving or I will crash. Since Alexander is not napping properly these days, due to his being schlepped around constantly in order to accommodate his siblings busy schedules, I get no down time whatsoever. I know that until school starts up again (and I pray he goes back to a nice daily nap like all 2 year olds) I will have to rely on coffee, my drug of choice these days, to help me keep up this crazy lifestyle. I am overdue for a major crash and I am sort of looking forward to it, but until then I will keep a mug by my side. It can be hot, such as now, with milk and sugar, or it can be iced. It’s Monday. I have one kid in camp and two others home. It will be a long, exhausting week… I know this already as it is 9:12 am and the two boys were messing around and the baby started to cough and up came his Cinnamon frosted Mini Wheats which were preceded by some yogurt and a cup of regular milk and a cup of chocolate milk. And guess where it all landed. On me and on the white carpeting. So I have told Christopher, as he instigated the incident and did not stop when I had asked him to, that there will be no TV for him today. My long and exhausting day has just become doubly so. I still have to take several bags and a box to Goodwill… I have three loads of laundry to wash, fold and put away. (I washed 6 loads this weekend and put them all away last night) I have to entertain the boys — and I am not really in the mood to do so. I have to keep packing things up so we can sell the house and move. I have to pick Rebecca up and then make lunch and clean that all up. I have to take the boys to the playground and get Rebecca to the pediatrician because her ear is still bothering her. I have to keep setting up activities for the kids. I need to eat something. I need to help Christopher with his reading and make sure Rebecca does hers. Then there will be dinner to prep and clean… then there will be showers for the kids… then finally bedtime. When all is said and done it will be 9:00 or 9:30 and I will drag my exhausted body to bed only to be woken up by Alexander 8 hours later… and the viciousneverendingcycle will continue tomorrow…

One thought on “Daily Necessity — Monday, July 30th

  1. I think you need to start drugging all three kids so that you can sleep in AND enjoy a solitary morning coffee. Just a little drugging, and only occasionally, can’t be all that bad for them, can it? Maybe you should consider drugging Doghouse too…

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