Chup! Chup!

Alexander has a fascination with ketchup. None of my kids have been so devoted to any type of food or brand. Alexander has recognized this plastic red bottle practically since we introduced him to solids. He has been known to dip his food into the sweet red sauce and eat just the sauce, leaving the rest of the food on his plate completely in tact. “Chup” was one of his earliest words. While most babies are trying to figure out how to say mama or dada Alexander was proudly talking about his “Chup.”

At the grocery store I have to bypass the “Chup” aisle or else I will end up buying (anonther) unecessary bottle. We are close to having a “Chup” collection in our pantry. If I do bypass the “Chup” aisle you’ll hear his cries in Istanbul! Alexander is a fairly easy going kid, but not when it comes to his “Chup.” Alexnader gets really excited about hot dogs (which are a rare comodity around here because they are so not good for you, but I won’t stray here) that even though he hates them passionately he knows they are the perfect conduit for his “Chup” as are fries, which he will gobble up when he is allowed to have them.

This morning he went into the pantry and grabbed an extra, (uponend still sealed) bottle of “Chup” to eat with his raisin bread. Yesterday, a friend on a message board I frequent regularly asked if our 2 year olds had any strange food preferences. I replied that, no, my kids were all normal. I take that back. “Chup” on raisin bread is not normal. (Now that I come to think of it, my kids really aren’t either!)

It’s not just any ol’ “Chup” that will make him happy. He is brand loyal and will not tollerate any other brand of “Chup” because they are simply unable to catsup.

4 thoughts on “Chup! Chup!

  1. Mmmmmmy, we like toast with chup at our house. It is a magical condiment, it makes everything yummier. Those Chup people really know what they are doing!

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