What’s in your mouth?

So last night was pretty typical. I have three kids in three different parts of the house. I am in the kids’ bathroom trying to run a bath for Rebecca and Alexander. Rebecca was in her room getting undressed, Christopher was in the office on his computer and Alexander was standing right behind me… until I turned around and noticed he wasn’t. I went into Rebecca’s room — he wasn’t there. I went in to Christopher’s room — he wasn’t there. I went into his room, then the office. Not there either. I went into my bedroom and called his name. As I approached my bathroom he came out with something in his mouth. This something was large and an obvious choking hazard. I asked him to take out what was in his mouth and out comes a medicine cup. A purple one. At least it had some purple in it but the purple in it was now gone. I stepped into the bathroom and saw an empty bottle of Motrin teetering on the edge of my sink. How? What? It took a few seconds to register that he was medicating himself with grape Motrin. I had no idea how much he consumed. I know the bottle was not full. Perhaps it was 1/2 full? 2/3 full? Did he drink one cup? Two? Three? I asked him and all he did was repeat after me 1-2-3. I was not going to get an answer out of him. My next move was to figure out who to call first… pediatrician or Poison Control? I opted for the latter. Since they are no stranger to us — nor we to them, I have the number written in a fat red marker in the Rolodex next to my computer. I flip through the alphabet cards and stop at P. The number jumps out at me and I dial. I give my name and number and Alexander’s name and age. I explain that somehow he got a hold of a bottle of Motrin. Not only did he get a hold of it but he got it out of a drawer with a safety lock and managed to get the childproof cap off too. I explain this is typical of him. They then ask me his weight and look up the information to inform me that he will be just fine, that a child his size would need to ingest more than a bottle to do harm. I am relieved and tuck this information in the back of my head. He’s not getting any smaller and he is into everything. Of course I hope it never happens again, but if it does I know he’ll be OK. I can not physically be there for all three kids, I explain to the Voice at the other end. Don is in the background telling me to beg them not to call CPS… he is chuckling… I am not. This was not our first call. I think we have called three times before. And not once for the other two children. The theme song from Cheers somehow comes to mind. Please, this is one place where I would rather they do not know my name. The Voice at the other end tells me not to worry. What I have experienced is very common. I am reassured, somewhat… for the meantime. I am reassured only until he gets into something else…

One thought on “What’s in your mouth?

  1. Oh no, naughty Owie! Did he want to be like mommy and pour himself a glass of wine?
    Seriously, Demitri did the same thing and I was frantic. I was ready to take him to the ER to have his tummy pumped. I know how you felt mama , these boys are gonna drive us insane!

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