Another Word For Leftovers…

When I have a lot of food I need to use up I never tell the kids we are having leftovers. Instead I tell them we are having appetizers for dinner. It’s their favorite thing to eat. I have a bunch of tomatoes, some cauliflower, broccoli and a rotiserrie chicken that must be consumed. I am so tired of tossing food because dinner plans change or we’re not hungry, or whatever. Leftover chicken becomes chicken salad seasoned with mayo, a dollop of light sour cream, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings. You have no idea it is a leftover! Tomatoes get diced and added to garlic, olive oil, salt and basil and magically become a topping for brushette. I will steam the asparagus and let the kids dip the spears in salad dressing. I will carmelize some finely sliced garlic and in some butter and olive oil and toss it onto some cooked cauliflower. Day old French bread gets sliced and grilled. The chicken and veggies get all gobbled up. The Frech Bread toasts seem so fancy for the kids and they spread the tomato mixture and chicken salad on top of it. No one complains about these leftovers. Instead I receive praises all around for a great meal! I am sure the food was that much better because we all ate outside as the sun was setting. We all know that everything tastes better outdoors!


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