Daily Necessity — Saturday, August 11th

The most versatile children’s shoe — EVER!
These shoes can be worn indoors and out… on the playground, at the beach, pretty much wherever you go. They come in a rainbow of flavors and look cute with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. The best thing about these shoes (on children that is — I think they look kinda like clown shoes on big people unless they are in the garden) is that they are 100% washable. At the end of the day they can be hosed right down to look like new! I hate dirty, worn looking shoes and these never look dirty or worn looking. Can’t wash sneakers or any other shoe so easily! After a few tough days out on the soccer field or on the playground the sensible sneaker looks and smells gross. These never do! Another plus, even a 2 yo can put them on and take them off all by himself!

2 thoughts on “Daily Necessity — Saturday, August 11th

  1. They are the only show that Demitri will wear now. ITA about adults looking like clowns though but 100% adorable on toddlers.

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