Daily Necessity — Friday, August 24th

Most people associate Champagne with celebrations and joyous occasions. We’ll toast on New Year’s Eve, or to the lovely bride and groom. But why must it be saved and savored only for special times. This concept was first introduced to me about 10 years ago when my room-mate’s love interest of the month would always bring over a bottle of champagne. For no reason at all. Imagine that! He didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I can not remember his name, nor can I remember what he really looked like. I vaguely remember him being a jerk, but the one thing that stuck with me was the fact that Champagne could be enjoyed whenever I damn well pleased. hey, I remember his name… so Thomas, I thank you for introducing this concept to me!

We all have One of Those Days from time to time… well, today was certainly one of them. I’ve been dealing with my bad back for nearly two weeks now and while I was given some strong and very good stuff that effectively takes away the pain, the same medicines also take away my ability to function and therefore my inability to look after the kids. So after a particularly hectic day that was preceded by a particularly hectic couple of weeks I chose unwind with a nice glass (or two) of bubbly. Of course there is no wine in the house at the moment so I go opt for the next logical choice; Bubbly. I love a nice Champagne. I do enjoy other drinks as well, but Champagne has a festive, joyous air to it, and when things seem anything but festive or joyous a nice glass feels damn good. I have chosen to open a nice bottle that I got for my Birthday a couple of months ago. I have several of its kind and several other kinds as well. I am a champagne kind of a girl. So what if I did not drink it on my Birthday. I chose to drink it today instead and let me tell you that I enjoyed it. Every last bubbly drop of it. I may even pour myself another. I won’t attempt to drink more than that though. That would ruin the pleasure and the indulgence of it. Two glasses in a lovely crystal flute when my day has been anything but lovely. How perfect! Fret not, the rest will not go to waste. I have a method of keeping the bubbles perfectly in tact. This method costs nothing and will work for you too. Everything you need is in your kitchen. Place a piece of cling wrap (any brand you like) tightly over the bottle’s opening, next wrap the rubber band around the top of the bottle as tightly as it will go. You can see the air immediately being trapped inside. The bottle will remain as effervescent the following morning for Mimosas or by itself following evening. Now that the kids are quiet I am off to enjoy another glass.

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