Say the Magic Word!

Alexander is normally very good with his pleases and thank yous. Better than his older brother and sister. That’s for sure. Today he was asking his father to carry him out to the car (because I still can’t). “Daddy, carry me to the car?” he would ask over and over again. I had to gently remind him to use the magic word. I expected an immediate “Please!” to come from his lips. Instead he shook his head vehemently and said “No!” quite firmly, freshly and loudly. We kept telling him that Daddy was not going to carry him to the car unless he said his magic word. After a few minutes of this tedious game I was starting to get irritated. Well, we all know how great toddlers are at sensing how we feel, when I asked him that one final time to “Please, say the magic word,” he looked me in the eye with a devilish little grin and said “Magic Word!”


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