What’s more exciting, new shoes or school?

Christopher has been asking for Geox sneakers for nearly three years now. I am not opposed to these shoes which are a favorite and a must have item among young boys. I have simply never found any I was particularly fond of. I am a classic kind of a gal and I like my sneakers (kid’s too) to be white. In the tennis shoe arena I am a purist.
Well, about a month or so ago we saw these beigy colored Geox on sale. They look more like a slip on shoe, than a sneaker. I imagined them with his required beige or stone khakis and not the light blue and white checked shorts he was wearing. A nice shoe, and a nice fit. I let him get them and he was the happiest kid in the county. Every day for the rest of the summer he asked-peaded-begged me to let him wear the Geox. I stood firm. My answer never waivered. You see, after just two days Christopher’s shoes always look like hand-me-downs. On the first day of school I like my kids to look tidy.
On the night of September 4th, the night before the first day of school I went upstairs to tuck him in and give him a good night kiss. There he was, sitting on his bed putting his socks on. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to sleep in his new shoes. I kissed him goodnight and told him he was crazy and left the room. Sure enough he was telling the truth. I snapped this picture and he did not even flinch when the flash went off!

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