When will it ever slow down?

I thought for sure that as soon as the older two went back to school I could have some time back for myself. Boy was I wrong. I am still schlepping kids all over the place. The baby has soccer and gymnastics lessons. I am not so sure what he thinks of gymnastics… He has fantastic upper body strength and I am amazed at what my little 24 month old can do on a bar or with a pair of rings. But I do not have any aspirations for him to become the next Bart Conner. Soccer, on the other hand, he adores. Perhaps it is because his older brother plays and imo (in my opinon) he is pretty good. So if Alexander wants to emulate Christopher, or the Great Pele (I want him to emulate a true soccer player, not a frufru British star because he is good looking and married to some Spice chic) then let him. But Alexander can sing pretty well too… and can do quite a bit in the kitchen. So maybe he’ll be a chef… and a soccer player… who can sing to boot!

So in the morning I am schlepping Alexander all over the place and in the afternoon I chauffeur the other two and some friends all around town. I live for days like today when the baby actually naps for me. And when he doesn’t I am an overtired, cranky witch in search for a break. Mornings are chaos because we have to leave for school and the house has to be immaculate on the off-chance we have a interested, perspective buyer and in the evenings it’s a mad dash to get homeworkshowersdinnerspajamasallergymedicinesandofftobed. By 9pm I can not see or think straight. So I crawl up to bed and curl up under the covers and toss and turn and turn and toss, and do this about 150 more times before a siren or a car wakes me up… or else I am jolted awake in a panicked state because I forgot to attach a check for $42 to each child’s school picture sheet… or I forgot (once again) to get the key and the wipeable marker for Rebecca’s locker, or because the school nurse called because Rebecca had a sore throat and I did not take her to the doctor like I should have and in 24 hours we will all have strep… or because I forgot to lock the car… or because I have to pee…

So, as tired as I am, and as much as I would like to tell you more about my lovely hectic September… I am going to go lie down on the couch and turn on the tube and catch a little Giadda deLaurentis or Sandrunk Lee and maybe even close my eyes…

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