A Question of Ethics…

Is it, in your opinion, okay to have a glass of wine at the end of a long day when there are two children, not your own at your home? There are 5 children here, currently. Four of them extremely well behaved… the other one mezzo-mezzo for the moment but keeping me on my toes. The Fourth one needs disciplining on a regular basis — like every 2.5 minutes. (The Fourth one is not my kid, I feel the need to add.) I would love a glass of wine. I could really use a glass of wine. Just one glass. Not more. I am not looking to get drunk or tipsy. I would like simply to kick my feet up and relax. With two children under my care is this irresponsible or my God-given right as a parent crazy enough to watch a crazy kid? Nevermind… I have answered my own question!


2 thoughts on “A Question of Ethics…

  1. I say it’s no problem at all. Presumably the parents of the little hellions drink on occasion too; how else do people manage to survive their kids’ childhoods?

  2. I would have no problem at all with you having a glass of wine while watching my child … therefore I say you should be able to do it if the occasion presents itself again.

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