Why do we always want things we can not have?

My baby jogger broke. I love my baby jogger. I love everything about it. I hadn’t used it in a couple of months and it was folded up in the shed waiting for a sunny day. Well, that sunny day finally came and I took Alexander for a nice long walk last week. He loved it. I loved it and it felt great to get up and moving. I hadn’t been taking him for walks in the morning because it was messing up his nap schedule and if you know me at all you know that nothing comes between me and Alexander’s naps. It turned out that he stayed up, awake and alert for the entire hour he was being pushed. I was thrilled. And then on Saturday I was taking the stroller out of the car and I noticed that it would not lock in to place. When I looked more closely I saw that the plastic safety latch had snapped in half. No walks for us… for a while. Yes I have another stroller. I have two, in fact. But we live in such a hilly, rocky, bumpy area that the other two simply do not work on this terrain. So now, when I want it most, I have no jogger. This always happens to me you know?

As soon as Alexander wakes from his nap I will call the company which is based out of Yakima, Washington and tell them of my situation. I would love to do it now but I know that the sound of my voice would disrupt this precious sleep… not even a brand new jogger is worth that!


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