I go through about a roll of paper towels a day. I know, it’s not terribly kind to mother earth, but it is the most sanitary method I know of for cleaning spills off tables, counter tops and floors. We are very spilly people in this house. This morning I had to refill the paper towel holder. I usually ask Alexander to help as it’s one of his favorite jobs.

He was as happy as ever to oblige this morning, however, he was driving me crazy. I kept having to tell him to put the towels on properly. All he wanted to do was unravel the entire roll. I kept asking him nicely and he kept telling me “No!” I calmly asked why couldn’t he just be a good boy and put them on for me. After wasting a few more minutes arguing with a two year old — by the third kid who has been 2 for a couple of months you’d think (unless you are Don) that I would be a little wiser in this area… Finally, frustrated by my constantly asking “Why?” he shouts out in his loudest voice, “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

OMG, where on earth did he get that expression!

Say What????

On Sunday we had to vacate the premises for a little while for a house showing. After driving around aimlessly for about 15 minutes the two loud mouths in the 3rd row started squawking about how hungry they were … that they had small breakfasts and they needed something to eat. They wanted to go to Einstein Bagels — which has really horrid bagels, but we went anyhow. Alexander wanted nothing to do with Einsteins and he protested the whole way there claiming instead, that he wanted to go to EEE I O! “I want EEE I O!” he screeched relentlessly while strapped into is Lazy-Boy-Barca-Lounger-large-enough-to-hold-me-in in the second row. “I WANT EEE I O!” I turned around to ask the other two if they knew what he was talking about. Rebecca shrugged her shoulders and Christopher said “I have no clue!” (I hate when they say that, btw)

Don looked at me and shot me that “I wish we had one of those New York Taxi Cab dividers” look. I would seriously look into that for a Christmas present to him — It’d be hilarious, don’t you think? There are quite a few Toyota Sienna taxis in New York so I am sure I could find one somewhere, but as I said ours is a lease and we have a year left and I am not so sure I am going the minivan route again, although I do love it… Anyway, I am digressing…

Back to the EEE-I-O that I can not shut off in the second row. He’s getting hysterical and that plastic divider is looking more and more appealing… and then it hits me! He’s objecting to Einstein Bagels. He wants to go someplace else to eat… I know EXACTLY what EEE-I-O is! It is a different restaurant bearing my husband’s name!