I go through about a roll of paper towels a day. I know, it’s not terribly kind to mother earth, but it is the most sanitary method I know of for cleaning spills off tables, counter tops and floors. We are very spilly people in this house. This morning I had to refill the paper towel holder. I usually ask Alexander to help as it’s one of his favorite jobs.

He was as happy as ever to oblige this morning, however, he was driving me crazy. I kept having to tell him to put the towels on properly. All he wanted to do was unravel the entire roll. I kept asking him nicely and he kept telling me “No!” I calmly asked why couldn’t he just be a good boy and put them on for me. After wasting a few more minutes arguing with a two year old — by the third kid who has been 2 for a couple of months you’d think (unless you are Don) that I would be a little wiser in this area… Finally, frustrated by my constantly asking “Why?” he shouts out in his loudest voice, “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

OMG, where on earth did he get that expression!


One thought on “BECAUSE I SAID SO!

  1. Kids really do say the darnedest things. I have a friend who said to her husband, “You know Randy, Davis is getting hard to predict”. Davis responded “yep mama, I’m a hard dick”. He was our boys age at the time. I am just waiting for my turn.

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