We’re in survival mode today…

All three kids are sick and home…
Our Emergency Kit for today includes the above:
(The first item pictured is for me!)
So far they have been pretty good (behavior-wise) and have been keeping busy playing Candy Land, building a hot air balloon with our Cranium Super Mega Fort, watching TV — Nick Jr., and Alexander and Rebecca are currently playing with Polly Pockets… Alexander is putting one of them to bed. I have no complaints so far. (I know, isn’t that a miracle in and of itself!) I do need to run out to CVS to pick up a refill of Albuterol solution for the nebulizer. Lucky for me our CVS has a drive through window and when I pick up the Rx I will have them grab some Nighttime Pediacare cough and cold from the shelves and keep my fingers crossed that everyone will sleep through the night tonight. Now, if only our Starbucks had a drive-through window…


One thought on “We’re in survival mode today…

  1. Hope the kids get better soon. Too bad you’re not right next door, we have a gazillion thingies of albuterol in one of our kitchen cabs.

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