These are a few of our favorite things…

When asked about what my 2 year old’s interests are I can say that he is a pretty normal kid with your typical 2 yo interests… Alexander likes to draw, paint, color, play with blocks and Play Doh just like the next kid.He has a major fascination with Blue from Blue’s Clues. He is obsessed with all things Goodnight Moon. We have the board book that we read daily, about a gazillion times. (We just read it while he was in the tub, actually.) We have the companion book called My World. It has the same wonderful illustrations and I love the fact that it initiates some great conversation on Alexander’s part. We have the Goodnight Moon video that has been played so many times the other two have memorized all the stories on it. Recently we added the Goodnight Moon board game to our repetoire. A perfect preschool game for the younger set. And, lo and behold, I discovered the Goodnight Moon plush bunny and jigsaw puzzles. I just have to get them!

Where my 2 year old differs vastly from the same-age population is his fondness-read-obsession with certain things electrical including my blow dryer, the Kitchen Aid mixer. My son can unlock any child lock cover and remove any outlet cover. His sheer brilliance in all things child-proofable amazes me to no end. Most of all my son loves the vacuum cleaner. He would bring it everywhere with him, if he could. He has several toy models that he loves including a little red Dirt Devil and a gorgeous black and chrome machine from Pottery Barn Kids, but nothing compares to our Kenmore Progressive. We have had many a tantrum trying to put the machine away after its use! I’m tempted to go on e*bay to see if I can pick up an older, used model!

3 thoughts on “These are a few of our favorite things…

  1. Well, I have said it before. Walker’s twin is up in Connecticut, cute and blond haired. We LOVE the vacuum. Walker also likes to undo the oven lock and open the oven for me while I am cooking. It is really sweet of him to do these things. ;-0

  2. Jen — we’ve had the video since R was little… it is an HBO production and amazing and beautiful… the game I saw, and had to get (!) at a little boutique store in my town. It can be found online as can the puzzle and stuffed bunny. I going to search and see what else is out there too!

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