The Longest Moment

It seems that every age has a “phase” a child has to pass through to get to the next level. When something goes awry and we seem to have gotten off track, whether it be a child who won’t go to bed or another one who won’t stop talking back, I tell myself not to worry, it’s just a phase and this phase, along with all the other phases too shall pass. Well, we seem to be having a lot of phases lately and all three of my kids seem to be hitting the phase milsetone all at once. Yay for me! One of these phases includes a two year old who is no longer able to sleep through the night. Next month my 2 year old will be a two and half year old. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since before he was born and now he’s waking like a breastfed newborn all over again. I’m thinking he’s going through some separation issues and developed a fear of the dark. Nevermind, I tell myself, this too shall pass. I am so tired I can’t see straight and I lose my temper a lot more than I should. Seems I am not alone here and I am so glad about that. I am not glad for the other mothers who are suffering alongside me, but I am glad I am not in this alone. I got an email today from my friend Melissa who was telling me, and some of our other friends, about a hellish night she had last night. She said she didn’t know what to do. She yelled at the kids, put them each in their own room and then went to her closet to have a moment. She felt better afterwards. Well, my dear Melissa, I have something else that will make you feel better; for me, these last nine years have been nothing but a very long moment… and that’s a damn long moment sweet Melissa!

I pose a question to all you readers out there and I would love your feedback… it seems that yesterday was terrible day for many of us… kids getting really sick or injured or misbehaving in a manner more extreme than normal… Last night Alexander woke at 8:15 when the phone woke him up. There was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do to get him back to sleep. Eventually he passed out minutes before Midnight only to wake at 6am… to say last night was unbearable would be putting it mildly. Any of you have an unusually bad night, last night Wednesday, February 6th?


2 thoughts on “The Longest Moment

  1. our night wasn’t too bad. But I did wake up in the morning with all 3 kiddos in my bed so maybe I just slept through it. Have you seen the commercial where the two kids are arguing and fighting over a toy and finally the mom says “Alright!! Someone needs a timeout!” and then she walks off to her room and puts herself in timeout? Very funny and oh so true…there are many days when I want to put myself in a timeout. Hope A’s sleeping better for you soon…real, real soon.

  2. Jessica,
    Our night was bad, but it was Thursday. Walker didn’t take a nap all day. He went to bed at 7 and I was thankful. He woke up 11 and was getting into our bed. He was up until 1 crying in his room with us going back and forth. This morning Truman was up at a quarter to 6 and then I got him back down and Walker got up at 6:30. At 7 I got Carter to take him out of our room. This afternoon he started running a fever and I let Truman fall on his face and get a bloody nose. It is after 9 and Walker still isn’t asleep yet. I am really tired and am getting a cold. We need a vacation, sister.

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