I went to Hallmark because I hadn’t gotten anyone anything for V Day. The kids and the Husband need a card and a box of chocolates. No, let me rephrase that… No one in this house NEEDS chocolate (we’ll discuss this addiction as well at a later date) but I do know how much the older two look forward to their heart shaped box-o-chocolates. Who am I to blow a dream? As I perambulate the aisles I decide to get them each a little Beanie Baby too… These guys, it seems, caught on to the whole Webkinz craze and now Ty has their computer-friendly animals now. (I couldn’t get the Webkinz because we have all the ones on display — not that that’s anything to be proud of, rather it is an indication of my weakness, my lack of will power and total lack of judgement — Yes, those will too be discussed at some other point and time. So I get the older two their little animals, a frog and a kitty cat; now I need something for Alexander… and then I see her, staring at me from the shelf, calling out to me! “Hi, it’s me, Blue!” She calls, “Can you see me?” I reply “Yes! Yes, I see you Blue!” and I walk over to the shelf and pull her down and into my arms and immediately I see the enormous smile she will put on my 2 year old’s face tonight. Blue has made my day!

On my Visa I put 4 Valentine’s Cards, $10
3 boxes chocolates, $30
1 Large box of chocolates (for Don) $15
2 Ty Beanie baby thingamagigs $15
1 Plush Stuffed Blues Clue’s dog– PRICELESS!!!


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