A little bit of humor

While admittedly our hearts are still heavy from our setback, we must remind ourselves that this setback is temporary and is not a complete loss. We still have an offer on the house; we just can’t close in a week. We’ll remain cautiously optomistic and keep our fingers crossed and hope that the house(s) we have our hearts set on is (are) still available…

Despite the gloomy and sombre afternoon a little laughter could be heard in the Crazy Crowded House thanks to the littler folk. Laughter is the best medicine. It really is.

Alexander loves to play with my handbags and try on my shoes as a result my nicer items must be kept out of his reach. My little black satiny ballet flats were sitting by the front door and Alexander decided they would look nice on his feet. He put them on and paraded around the room to show us his new footwear. Daddy asked him if he was a girl and to which he replied, “No Daddy!” Then insinuating his father was silly, “I am a Penis!”

Rebecca, Alexander, Daddy and I were hanging out in the family room yesterday afternoon. We were laughing at Alexander who was up to his usual antics — The kind that make you angry, yet you can not help yourself but laugh at him. He was explaining what he was doing and why he was doing it. I commented that he is very articulate for a 2 year old. He has a great vocabulary, command of the English language and can very clearly express his emotions. Rebecca asked if she was that way as a child — She too spoke quite early — We told her that yes, for the mostpart she was like that, but Alexander was a little more advanced given he has two older siblings to listen to and emulate. Rebecca then asked if Christopher was like Alexander. We told her that no, Christopher was just starting to talk at this point and not clear at all in his thoughts. Daddy then had to pipe in and tease, saying that Christopher was more like me… Sometimes what comes out is not a clear reflection of the actual thought.

Rebecca thought about Daddy’s statement for a second and then asked if it was because I was too drunk! Oh did we howl! So much so that we had tears streaming down our faces. To that I went off into the kitchen, reached up to the top shelf and got myself a glass. God knows I needed one yesterday!


2 thoughts on “A little bit of humor

  1. Oh R’s comment is too funny!!!! While you’re at it get a glass for one of your imaginary friends. I could use one.

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