More Disappointments…

Not the end of the world, I know, yet upsetting nonetheless. Don thinks it best that we cancel our Spring vacation to Jamaica. I had been so looking forward to a little sun and mostly some R and R. I know you are probably thinking that no vacation with three young children is ever relaxing. This would have been as we had our own vacation nanny appointed to us — part of the package — and we would have actually had an opportunity to have a little time together away from the kids and the possiblity of getting a little break was very promising. Life has been so hectic here with so many ups and downs that a vacation would certainly have done all of us a lot of good. Following the disappointment of the immediate sale of our house falling through, at least we had our vacation to look forward to. Now it seems that is no longer the case. Our Spring break is 2 weeks long and the house will be officially back on the market. We will have people wanting to come in and see the house so again it will have to be museum-like in terms of tidiness and nothing left out and about. This is a virtually insurmountable task with three young children at home all day long. The boredom, the whining, the bickering that I know will ensue those two weeks are really putting me in a panic. I also need to mention that the week before Don will be away traveling. I am seriously wondering how I will ever get through the month of March.


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