Say it with Flowers!

I am sure it is no secret that I have been a bit down in the dumps these past couple of days. No matter what kind of disappointment is it, whenever you have it it really does get you down. In plain truth it sucks. Yesterday was one of those days that no matter how much rest, even a nap, could take away the heavy feeling of bone deep exhaustion. The kids were home from school and driving me a bit batty, but in all honesty they were wonderful all day.

At 4:30 Rebecca and I left the house to go to her skating practice. As much as I wanted to sit home and mope, getting out did me a world of good. At the rinks her coach presented her with her music, a choice of songs from The Sound of Music, perfectly appropriate for Rebecca and her skating which is as graceful as can be, much more so than some of her peers, but not quite yet as athletic as they are. For the first time in ages she had a smile on her face. She was glowing out there on the ice and having such a magnificent time. She was beautiful to watch. The dark grey cloud that had been looming over me was lifting. I could feel it!

As Rebecca and I left the rinks with a little more spring in our step I couldn’t stop gushing over her, letting her know just how proud of her I was (am).

I got home to find the two boys playing with Legos. Christopher was making some sort of treehouse playground. It was really very impressive. He was trying to keep Alexander from knocking it over too! Don was working on his laptop. My eyes caught sight of something big and bright and beautiful on the kitchen table. It was one of the most magnificent bouquets of flowers I have seen!

“Who are they from?” I exclaimed. Don told me to take a look at the card. They were addressed to me from our realtor, Simon. The card on the flowers said “Chin up. We will sell soon.” How sweet of my cute Brit realtor who happens to be away in the sun with his wife. The flowers did it. They got rid of that dark, gray cloud that was already starting to edge it’s way from overhead.

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