What’s the Word on the Street?

Perhaps we should be using this to clean some little mouths?

If you have kids of the Sesame Street set you’ll know this phrase. It seems my children have chosen an inappropriate word to use this week. A word especially inappropriate for the Sesame Street set. It’s true, little children are like parrots and repeat everything you say at the most inopportune times and with the utmost clarity. The other day Alexander and I were in the grocery store (where, you should know by now after reading my blogs, if something will go wrong it will go wrong there.) Alexander was asking for a bottle of water. He was thirsty and I inadvertantly left his started one in the car. I really did not want to get another 24 pack of kidsized waters, so I offered the Dasani in the refrigerated section by the checkout aisles. I had him promise and practically swear that he would not spill the water all over himself or pour it out all over the floor. Without those sports tops the worst can and will happen. But my child was thirsty and I had a long way to go before we would be done with the shopping. I much prefered buying him a bottle of water over, let’s say, a chocolate bar. He was great with it. Took small sips and placed the top back on when he was done.

As we were in the checkout aisle and I was unloading another bazillion dollards of food, produce, paper goods and whatnots on to the belt I heard an “Oh Shit, Mommy!” from the tiniest little voice. I was not the only person to turn around to hear such an expletive from such a cherubic little face. It seems my little angel decided to pour the bottle of Dasani all over himself. My face turned from several shades of pink to sunset to Maine Lobster red. “Alexander!” I said to him in an attempted quiet tone, “that is not a nice word to say!” People all around burst out in fits of laughter.

The very same night I was bringing Rebecca home from her ice skating session. I had a sitter at home to watch the boys and was supposed to drive the sitter home because her car had broken down and Rebecca really wanted to come with me. I told her that if Daddy was home she would stay home because it was 8:00 and she still had to shower and do her homework. If Daddy was not home yet she would have to come with me. We pulled into the driveway and as soon as we saw Don’s car she said “Oh, Shit!”

I have absolutely no idea where on earth they learned that horrible word!


4 thoughts on “What’s the Word on the Street?

  1. I don’t have any clue, either. Haha. Walker appropriately uses shit about once a month. I haven’t yelled at him about it yet b/c he did learn it from me. It hasn’t been in public, either. Except for being a social faux pas I don’t see the difference in saying that and oh, fudge, shout, or darn. At least that is how I think of my potty mouth. 😉

  2. LOL!! A certain two year old in our house uses that word occasionally, too…and his daddy is on his mommy’s case to stop cursing around him! 🙂

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