Back in the saddle again!

Well, we’re “live” back on the market… for better or for worse, and I suppose for richer or poorer. Fingers crossed that we can move the Crazy Crowded House fairly quickly. Of course we don’t market the nearly 2,400 sq.ft edifice as such. It was niether crazy nor crowded before the kids came into our lives and took over the place so that it resembles a cross between a toy store after an earthquake and the floor of a school cafeteria. Ok, we’re not that bad. That’s because I am anal and cannot stand to look at stuff. I use my Shark sweeper daily (sometimes more depending on a certain Little Blond Boy) and toys get jammed into drawers, armoires and closets. But god bless that one realtor or potential buyer who dares to open a door. He or she had better be wearing a helmet for protection. Ok, here I go exaggerating again. It’s not all that bad, but it certainly would be a little better if it was spring and we did not have pounds of down coats, snow pants and boots… endless amounts of hats and mittens slowly missing their mates…

When we first moved in to our Crazy Crowded House we barely had any furniture here and we were swimming in our space, thinking we would never run out of room. I remember my sister in law, also pregnant with her first imagining little children riding tricycles around the house. Until 9 months later and Rebecca came — along with swings, bouncy seats, Johnny Jump Ups, Excercausers, ride-on horsies, Gymini floor mats, books, books, more books, followed by bears and dolls and coloring supplies and doll houses followed by brothers and balls and trains and Legos and blocks. Our beautiful furniture was becoming burried. And the kids were growing older and crazier.

Rebecca is now at the kitchen table doing her homework trying to find a historic personality that would be representative of the word “perseverance” and Alexander is dancing to Blue’s Clues… and Christopher, Christopher! I had practically forgotten about him. He’s, at this moment, unusually quiet… that won’t last much longer. I can’t believe that there is enough peace and quiet here to write… usually I am looking for a place to run away to, but usually I am found!

This is nice. This is really very nice… wait… I knew it! I spoke too soon! Have to go before someone gets hurt!

One thought on “Back in the saddle again!

  1. You have such a cute house. Down here in a great neighborhood, that house might sell for $350,000-$400,000. I can’t even imagine what it goes for up there.

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