Please Accept my Appologies…

I have been terrible at keeping up my end of the food blog. Truth of the matter is that we have been so busy and have had no time to cook. I’ve been busy shuttling the kids hither and thither and often we are not home until after 6:30, sometimes after 7:30 at night. Then there is homework to supervise, kids to bathe, and the list goes on. It is easier to make a sandwich these days. And Don’s been traveling too, even more of a reason not to cook. Today we are all here and it is 4:00 pm and we have no activities and I should cook up some fabulous feast. Truth be told I just don’t have it in me. I think I will grab a box of linguine, a jar of Rao’s, the best jarred pasta sauce in the world and the only one I will eat. I’ll toss meatballs in for the kids that I have tucked away in the freezer. Totally uninspiring but the kids will be happy!

If you haven’t had Rao’s you should… and you should keep a few on hand in the pantry for emergencies! The restaurant of the same name is located in New York City on the Upper East side. It’s famous for being impossible to get a reservation. The restaurant has their own line of cookbooks with fabulous recipes. There is even a recipe of the month on their website.

The link to the Restaurant, it’s fabulous sauces, cookbooks, recipes and more is:


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