DON’T get me started, OR husbands say the DUMBEST things…


I have been waiting for a month or so to figure out what to do about Sunday. We have 3 tickets to Marry Poppins on Broadway. I have been dying to go and thought it would be fun to go with Rebecca. My mother in law got the tickets — one was a Birthday present for Rebecca. She generously got one for me and then a third in case Christopher would want to join us, and if not Don could come. We are running into some issues. My sitter is not here on Sunday as she is on her Spring Break. I do have the name of a sitting service I have used in the past but have huge reservations about them. I was not fond of the last couple of girls they sent over and they are hugely expensive. In my heart I would not be able to enjoy myself in the city not knowing how the boys were doing with the sitter.

Don doesn’t think I should “force” Christopher into going. He is 7 years old for Chrissakes, he can get off the couch and step away from the television set and wii for a few hours. I have told him already that he absolutely will not be allowed to have the TV set on while I am in the city. If D stays home I can guarantee that will be all he does.

I am not a huge fan of driving in to the city. I don’t mind driving once I am there, but do not like driving in the Bronx at night. Don then reminded me that I have navigation system in the car — not to worry. So a map in the car is supposed to make me feel safer? Okay…

The train (Grand Central Station) is just a few blocks away from the theater. But I also have to rely on the train schedule. The show starts at 6:30 pm and lasts 2h 45m with a 15 minute intermission. For all intents and purposes we leave the theater at 9:30. The EARLIEST train I can take is at 10:22 pm… yes you read that correctly! At that hour I and the child(ren) would have to endure a very long 76 minute train ride home which would get us to our train station at 11:38 and home by Midnight. Hell-o we have school the next day??? If I drove I could be home by 11:00 but I am really not comfortable doing so. Really not. Don would be happy to drive if he went in with Rebecca, but she really does not want to go with him at all… such a nice gift and such complicated one too. I am completely at a loss. I suppose if I was not still getting up in the middle of the night and then rising hours before the sun I could suck it up, but I know I will be too tired to drive that late — we are talking about safety here, and I can not bear to be on that train at that hour of the day for that length of time. Nor am I thrilled with crossing the train station (in covered bridge in dark) once we get to town.

So I am trying to explain this to D… I am overtired because I have sick kids at home, and do you know he had the AUDACITY to correct me and say sick child, not children? THEN he has the AUDACITY to tell me it’s “just diahrea” I am dealing with? When was the last time he had to wake numerous times in the middle of the night to change dirty diapers? When was the last time he helped with anything in the middle of the night? When was the last time he put a child to bed? When was the last time he woke with one in the morning? I can honestly tell you to some of these questions the answer is NEVER. And when was the last time (in two and a half years) I have slept through the night? To that I can also say, never. So I say I am tired, very over tired and his response? “You gonna pull that one again?”

I don’t think I have ever been quite this angry…


10 thoughts on “DON’T get me started, OR husbands say the DUMBEST things…

  1. Uh oh…………
    I’m mad for you! Hope you’ve had a glass and relaxed since you wrote this, for DD’s sake.
    Miss you!

  2. Men …

    I hope you can figure something out. Can she skip school the next day and you just splurge and get a hotel in the city and get home at a leisurely hour with her?

    The boys can hang together at home? Otherwise is there a grandparent willing to come over with the boys so you and D both go?

    What a shame that such a lovely gift turns into something that problematic. I hope you guys will figure something out!

  3. D, D, D…off to the doghouse with you!

    I’m with Wilmaget a room, and give Monday off to everyone!

  4. oh boy, our hubby’s are channeling the same demon this week, huh? I hope you can figure something out so that you and R can go and enjoy yourselves.

  5. Arg, what a tough situation. And what crawled up D’s butt? What a shame that it is on sunday evening. I agree with wilma, let her skip school, get a room and let D deal w/the boys! Good luck figuring this one out.

  6. Does D have a death wish? Honestly what was he thinking??? I’m with Wilma, treat yourselves and get a hotel for the night. Don’t let the logistics ruin what should be a fun time. MEN!!!

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