Happy Half Birthday Owie!

There is nothing that Alexander likes more than a good Birthday Party. He doesn’t care if it’s his own or someone else’s. He can sing Happy Birthday like it’s nobody’s business. He loves, cake, balloons, presents and singing. He has a wooden puzzle of a Birthday Cake by Melissa and Doug that he plays with all the time. Birthdays are truly meant for Alexander.

We have always celebrated the children’s half Birthdays. At 6 months each baby got a gift and a candle in the middle of a container of YoBaby yogurt — as if celebrating a rite of passage… the entry into the world of Real Food. One summer we were in Maine and one child (must have been Rebecca) requested a half of a cake since it was his/her half Birthday. A tradition of half Birthday cakes had begun. It’s a tradtion the kids look forward to, even at their mature ages of 9 and 7!

Alexander’s 6 month Birthday: His first yogurt

Alexander’s Half Birthday was actually yesterday but we couldn’t celebrate then because Don was supposed to be out of town (missed his flight due to a 2.5 hour trip to the airport) and Rebecca had her Sports Banquet dinner at school. I had it all planned for today after Rebecca’s Skating Competition (another post). The cake was made. I needed to frost it. A gift had been purchased. I just needed to wrap it. I was going to use some left over frosting that I had in the fridge, but I had less than a half of a container of both chocolate and vanilla frostings. I had everything I needed to make some from scratch and thought peanut butter would be a fun change since Alexander adores peanut butter. The recipe was simple and postitively scrumptious. (Will be posted on my food blog) I wrapped the gift, a bucket of Play Doh Birthday cake stuff!

After the kids were done playing with the Play Doh it was time for the celebration to begin! The look that came over Alexander’s face when he saw the cake all lit up in the dim light while we sang Happy Birthday was that of complete and utter delight! You made us all smile tonight! Happy Half Birthday Alexander… Tomorrow you will be 900 days old, perhaps that is reason enough for another celebration! I love you Alexander. You are my ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days!


5 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday Owie!

  1. Those half birthdays are such a fun idea. I love the play doh he got. I remember that first half b-day pic from 2 years ago, he’s still an adorable prince Owie!

  2. I almost gave Walker a new play doh thing today. I think the half birthday thing is great. It helps spread out the year. Walker did get a new tent today so he really did get a present. I might really have to start doing this b/c I really love this kind of thing.

  3. Happy Half Birthday, Owie! Half birthday cakes are a terrific idea (and I guess you can freeze the other half for another child or a treat for you and Don!)

  4. Happy 2.5 to A.I love that idea! I think I’m going to star celebrating my kids’ half birthdays too!

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