Bad Boy Alexander: Part 1,999

I am going to endorse another commercial product called The Magic Eraser. If it was not for this truly magical sponge we would be in deep doo-doo. We had another offer on our house on Friday. A young couple recently sold theirs and need to be in a new place by May Day. Holy Smokes, that is right around the corner. Although slightly less than we wanted, we accepted their offer in hopes we could enter our Dream Home which remains unsold and vacant. We accepted the offer. Hours later we were preparing to decorate Easter eggs. We had all the colors setting in their cups: Oranges, pinks, blues, greens, yellows and red.

Alexander, curious as always, reached up and pulled down one of the setting colors on top of him. Suddenly our cabinets, countertop and dishwasher were a magenta-like color. Color splashed everywhere. All we could imagine was a major paint job and the purchase of a new dishwasher. This would be quite an expense not to mention we settled for less than we would have liked. Panic mode and adrenaline set in. Armed with Lysol kitchen cleaner, 2 rolls of paper towels and my Magic Eraser sponge we managed to get the entire mess cleaned up. Disaster Averted! I couldn’t take a picture of the mess as I was terrified that with every second I wasted the stain would be harder to lift. Here is the sponge that was used.


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