We’ve got our House!!!

We put in a final-take-it-or-leave-it offer yesterday on House Number 1. We had only the slightest of hopes that we would get our foot in the door there. But our offer was better than none. While houses in this area are still extremely inflated they are taking a lot longer to sell. We were hoping that our ability to move in by May 1 might play to our benefit but we were not expecting any miracles. We also learned that House Number 2 could be empty by May 1. So either way we knew we would have a home.

Well, not too long ago we got a call from our realtor saying that the Owners of House Number 1 countered our take-it-or-leave-it offer by 4K. Without hesitation Don said yes! (They still got 95% of asking which is not too shabby.) We have a home… we’ve got our house! Break open the bubbly!


13 thoughts on “We’ve got our House!!!

  1. Congratulations, good luck with packing and moving and many wishes for many happy years in the padded room house with your family 🙂 (You’re going to have to keep some padding somewhere!)

  2. There is nothing terribly impressive about the house at this point. It needs my fine touch! LOL At this point it’s just a massive house on 1.27 acres… I will take before and after pictures as we go through and “fix” it up room by room!

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