I M Da Bomb!

I win the Mother of The Year Award for today. I took my kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s! Yepperoo I did. Some of you have called me kind. Others have called me brave. One even said heroic! Since my kids are ending their (loooong) 2 week Spring break I thought I would end it with a bang since it has been busy for the parents but blah for the kids. Anyhoo, as I said I decided to do something nice. The best thing about private school spring breaks is that they do not fall when everyone else’s do. What does this mean? We had the entire Chuck E. Cheese’s to ourselves save for two toddlers. The kids ruled the roost and had so much fun. Alexander started off in the little kid section and he rode the mini carousel, a mini roller coaster, a horse and some cars. He climbed and ran and played todlder arcade games. Then he went over to the big kid side to hang out with Christopher and Rebecca and had his hand at Skee Ball (Duck!) more driving games, another roller coaster and just tried his hand at everything and had so much fun chasing and trying to keep up and emulate big brother and sister. They had a great day… I was, if only temporarily, a good mother and everyone was happy, if only temporarily!


10 thoughts on “I M Da Bomb!

  1. I’m impressed! dyk I’ve never been inside a Chucky Cheese?! Are they as frighteningly overstimulating as I imagine them to be?

  2. I think it depends on the one you go to… I am not sure if it is a franchise or not, but this one is sparkly clean and has some great games and “rides.” I had some fun there myself.

  3. Sounds like fun! Although we are still waiting until James gets invited to go with someone else or to a birthday party there before we introduce him to the world of Chuck E Cheese. Hopefully he won’t notice the one that’s only about 2 miles from our house, in a shopping center we go to all the time!

  4. haha Jean… I would be worried. At least ours is about a half hour away and not near anything we really frequent!

  5. Sounds like fun. That’s great that it wasn’t busy. I’m sure it made for a less stressful outing.

  6. goodness… Megan loves Chuckie Cheese and i just cannot bring myself to take her. Although we have lots of ticket credits and tokens from the last time we went to “Chuck’s House”

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