Room With a View

This is the view from Alexander’s window, and like the seasons it is ever-changing. In this picture it’s the middle of May and our Dogwoods and the Crab Apple trees are in full bloom. When I sit in the rocker and look out the window I feel as though I am in a special tree house. You can still see the neighbors houses across the street. In Summertime, when the trees are a lush and green and full you can’t see much of anything and the kids and I like to pretend we are birds in a forest. In the fall the trees turn and once again you can see the street below busy with cars and neighbors walking their dogs and kids riding bikes or walking on the sidewalks. When the leaves have all fallen and the trees are bare you can look into the neighbors windows and see their silhouettes and the soft lights from their television sets. As the skies darken and Halloween approaches you can see the spooky decorations and the kids excitement and anticipation grow as they discuss which candy is their favorite and what their costumes will be. As the temperatures dip and the night sky darkens the houses across the way take on a magical, dream-like quality as they become enrobed in little white lights. We love it when Christmas is in the air and together Alexander and I will sit in the white rocking chair, singing Christmas songs looking out onto the houses below enrobed in their holiday bests.