I’ll miss this too…

When Rebecca was 3 she entered the Pre-K 3 program at her current school. As a family we walked her to school on that very first day, down the hill, three blocks away. This became a tradition. This was Rebecca’s 6th year at the school and Christopher’s 4th year there. Alexander will be joining them there next year when it is his turn to enter the Pre-K 3 program. Sadly we will not be walking there together. We’ll have to drive. The picture above was taken two and a half years ago the morning Alexander was born. I was in the car and took the picture as labor had commenced and Don did not want me walking!


2 thoughts on “I’ll miss this too…

  1. Cute pic! I’m sorry that you won’t have that tradition any more, but I’m sure that you’ll have plenty more! Maybe the new owners will let you come park in the driveway and still walk from there, lol???

  2. I was going to suggest parking somewhere and walking too! R and C will have such fond memories of getting to walk to school. You know, you could always just let them out a couple blocks early and make them walk the rest! LOL!

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