This is:

a) A relic from the 80’s… preppy plaid was hot!

b) A swatch from the loveseat in Muffy’s Nantucket cottage

c) A swatch from my school uniform (school was mentioned in the Preppy Handbook after all!)

d) My grandfather’s golf pants found in an old trunk in attic of his Newport mansion

e) A cushion from a piece of outdoor patio furniture that got discolored from being left out all winter

f) The fabric with which Mrs. Claus will be re-upholstering Santa’s desk chair

g) the walls in my new dining room?!!!!!

If your answer was g) you are CORRECT! And the walls are padded too… We are thinking of turning the formal dining room into some sort of punishment room. We will attach pieces of velcro onto the walls and onto the kids and when they misbehave we’ll just toss them to the walls and let them hang there until they decide they can behave!


8 thoughts on “This is:

  1. LOL!
    I think you should salvage some of it when you take it down- it could make some perfect shorts for the boys in Newport! LOL

  2. sure, go for it, but make sure they don’t decide to jump in the ocean. I’m not sure if glue-gun glue is waterproof! ROTFLOL

  3. I think the idea of being tossed onto a wall and sticking there would appeal to the kids…especially the boys. You should patent the idea and sell it to the Carnivel.

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