The Perfect Kid-friendly After School Snack

Mu kids love apples and peanut butter. My kids love apples and honey. They love apples and honey and peanut butter too. Toss in a few raisins and we have a healthy treat that is a fun snack as well. My kids are really into how food is presented. Aren’t we, after all, too? Restaurants strive for the perfect presentation. I started making this simple flower by arranging the apple slices in a circular pattern around the edge of the plate. The spoon serves as the stem and the center of the flower. The raisins are the embelishment. For fun variety we use colorful paper plates and plastic spoons. Sometimes the kids dip the apple slices in to the peanut butter. Other times they save the peanut butter for last and lick it off the spoon. Personally, that’s my favorite way to eat peanut butter. If you or your child suffers from a peanut butter sensitivity or allergy sunflower and soybean butters work as a great subsitute.

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