Life’s a Beach!

It’s supposed to get cold tomorrow but today was a stellar one!
There is, in my opinion, nothing as wonderous as watching children on the beach. Chilren belong on the beach. I love the two pictures above of Alexander, the boy and his stick. Below he is with his friend Grace, you can almost see them as teenagers strolling along the water as a couple. (They are awfully cute together, aren’t they?!) And all along, the boy never once lets go of his stick!


6 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach!

  1. Sigh…. Sarah… I will be three miles further from it in 3 weeks! You’ll have to come meet me in Newport!

  2. Adorable, Jess, adorable! I love his cuddly little pot belly too. Toddler bellies are so stinkin’ adorable.

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