You Can’t Always Have What You Want

I have a hankering to make some chocolate chip cookies. The mood hit yesterday. I haven’t been able to shake the craving for that warm-fresh-out-of-the-oven taste… slight crispy slightly chewy cookies. I think I might die of want. The problem is that we have packed up all the baking supplies including cookie sheets. Now why on earth would I ever make such a stupid decision as that? I wonder if I should go out and get a couple of new ones… I wonder if Someone would mind, object or think that I am completely off my rocker seeing that we the house will be empty in less than 20 days and I don’t think we have 50 boxes packed!

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Have What You Want

  1. Ah, what the heck…leave all the packing to the movers. And you can feed them warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies as they pack everything, including your brand spanking new cookie sheets. 🙂

  2. get some extra strength aluminum foil and use that. D would never notice if you buy a thing of foil! And then, when they are done, mail me a little doggie bag! LOL

  3. Yes, Jean I know, I know… I am hanging my head in shame! I have several packages of chocolate chips that I will have to move now. I should have baked, THEN packed. What was I thinking?!

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