an excerpt from rebecca’s diary…

Before you all gasp in horror wondering what kind of evil monster I am for even looking at my daughter’s diary, let alone publishing it on the web I want to assure you that this is not your typical diary. It is a diary as it is a notebook with lovely lined paper and the word Diary is clearly written across the top. But it is not Top Secret. It is a book that Rebecca and I write notes in to one another. Mostly I write little lovelies to her. She did have an entry about a girl in her class who called her “animal crap.” I am not exaggerating. This girl is a piece of work. Classy she clearly ain’t. Anyhow, the following is my latest entry to my daughter. It was highly emotional for the both of us.
Dear Rebecca,

It is April 12, 2008 and we are packing up your bedroom. There are piles and boxes all over the place. This bedroom was all ready for you when I brought you home from the hospital. Now, almost 9 1/2 years later it remains almost exactly the same and here we are packing up so that another little girl can have it.

You are going to have a brand new room. You have already decided how you want to decorate it and we are both excited to do so. This is all so very exciting and also a little bit sad. Luckily we have memories and pictures of all the things we have enjoyed in this house and in this room.

I will always remember your fun multi-colored walls… how you would sit down with all your dolls and read to them… how you would play school with them. I will remember Barbies and Polly Pockets strewn across your floor. I will remember how you and Griffie would play Mommy and Daddy. You were always the Mommy, Griffie was the Daddy and then eventually when Alexander was old enough to join you he would play the baby.

I remember singing bedtime songs.
I even remember you waking up in your crib in the mornings. You would stand up at the end and look for me in the doorway. You always had the prettiest smile on your face.

In this room the Tooth Fairy first came to our house.
Do you remember when I dislocated my shoulder while I was sitting on this bed reading you a bedtime story? You were about 2 1/2 years old. I remember watching you playing with all your dolls and bears… you were having a tea party… I remember how you felt so sick that day and we had no idea how sick you really were until we took you to the hospital where you stayed for 3 days. I remember lying on your bed the night before you were born. I could not imagine what my life was going to be like with a little baby. That was such a long time ago. Now there are three of you and none of you are little babies any more. And for all these years I have loved this house and I have loved this room… and now it is time for us to move on — on to a bigger house with bigger rooms for bigger children. I am very excited for the new house, but I will miss this house.

I love you Big Girl!



6 thoughts on “an excerpt from rebecca’s diary…

  1. Oh good, I’m glad to see that Debra and Tara got teary too, b’c I thought maybe I was being an overly emotional hormonal preggo- you just totally made me tear up! That is so, so sweet!
    I love the idea of writing notes to each other too- so fun and so special.

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