Welcome to…

Since I will, in two weeks’ time, no longer be living in The Crazy Crowded House should I rename my Blog? I mean we will be living in a house double the size with over 4000 sq. ft… While we won’t be crowded, I can ascertain that we still will be a tad bit crazy — though perhaps I will lose the kids and maybe the craziness will disappear with them in their playroom all the way at the other end of the house… most likely not, but hey a girl can wish, can’t she?

So… should I come up with a new Blog title or keep this one as is?
Do any of you have any ideas that you would think fitting?


13 thoughts on “Welcome to…

  1. I love your current blog name, but I can see the motivation for changing it.
    What about Welcome to My Reckless, Roomy, Rumpus Room?

  2. Since your new house is so much bigger how about
    “Honey I lost the Kids! Tales from the Homefront”

  3. no matter how big we will always be crazy, so yes crazy should be in the title… heart is good too… sometimes I have one and sometimes I don’t!

  4. don’t you know Mi Vida Loca means my crazy life… that is why i took that. I like kimmy’s suggestion

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