To catch a thief

Shoes by Marc Jacobs available at for $484
(a girl can dream can’t she!)

Christopher is forever losing things. He simply does not pay attention to anything. He has a special brief case for his Nintendo DS disks. (For those of you who do not have 7 year old boys the Nintendo DS is a small, handheld electronic video game.) Christopher is supposed to keep his disks in a special brief case. Usually he is pretty good about taking care of these little disks, but every once in a while a game gets lost. I come down pretty hard on him when he does misplace a game because they are not terribly cheap. He needs to learn to be more responsible. Quite a few of these games are missing. I should say quite a few were missing. On Thursday morning I was cleaning out my closet trying to decide which shoes I should pack and decided that since I had no dressy event to attend in the next couple of weeks I would pack up all my dress shoes. I gathered a bunch up in my arms when from a of rose colored, mid-heeled mule tumbled out a few Nintendo DS disks! I know for certain that Christopher did not place them in my shoe… I have a pretty good idea who the disk thief was!


5 thoughts on “To catch a thief

  1. LOL! He’s like a little puppy. Hope there weren’t any teeth marks on the shoes! LOL
    hope C isn’t too mad at A.

  2. Caden SWEARS it wasn’t him, but I still suspect him. Sounds JUST like something he would do 😉

    I’m glad you guys found them, I’m the same way about leapster/nintendo cartridges, I get very pissy when they go missing.

  3. LOL…thats too funny.
    My boys(12 and 6) also loose those little games. They come to ME asking ME where they are. How on earth do I know where YOUR game is…lol.
    I never thought to look in a shoe…lol. That is too cute.

  4. LOL! We recently found a stash of Jeremy’s baseball cards shoved behind the baseboard heater when we took out he crib. Maybe your little thief has been here too, since ours little one surely would not do that?

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