for Kim

Garden Patch Cakelet Pan, Williams-Sonoma

Kim is my friend who does everything by the book. She dots all of her i’s and crosses all of her t’s. She makes sure she eats everything she should, including every color in the rainbow. She doesn’t cheat like I do. (I think m&m’s are a perfect way to achieve this result.) Nope. Not Kim. Kim has to do it the right way. This means eating carrots even though she secretly loathes them. She eat tomatoes for breakfast every day too. She would eat a daily dose of purple, but to her chagrin the little purple fruit does not exist in Turkey where she is living and homeschooling her toddler. I am pretty sure her littlest one (just a few months old) can speak both her native “Canadian-ish” and Turkish quite fluently now, as well.

Kim does not cheat at mealtime like we do, offering a few grapes, a cheese stick and perhaps a few Peppridge Farm Goldfish in for good measure. Nope. Her kids get 3 proper meals a day. The guilt she expressed after one day offering her Two Year Old ice cream for lunch! Oy vey… It’s a darn good thing she is not Jewish! I say ice cream is healthy. It’s got dairy and protein. if you’re lucky it could very well have some fruit thrown in for good measure. Not telling you all what my kids had for breakfast. Sheesh! No, sillies… not what Alexander requested the other day!
Kim is also on a one person mission to save our planet. You should see all that she does. As I type this I am hanging my head in shame. I am a Planet Killer. Though I really try not to. I do everything that she does not do. And I am sure I do very little she does do. I’m wearing a green sweater today. It’s cashmere. Cashmere is wool. Wool comes from sheep. Sheep eat grass. Sheep poop on grass. Sheep poop is good fertilizer. See, in my own way my Green sweater is saving Mother Earth! But check out Kim’s Blog to see what she is doing and you may get some good ideas from her!
So Kim, here is my little vegetable garden for you! I hope you can plant this on your kitchen garden. You might even find the carrots to be a bit sweeter, moister, more pleasing to your palate! For all you do Kim! For all you do!

8 thoughts on “for Kim

  1. Aww, Jess, thanks! You are too sweet. I’m not sure everything about me is true… by the book, for one! But you are a sweetheart to say such nice things.

    I really, really, really want that veggie cake pan. But guess what? No W-S in Ankara. I guess I’ll have to keep eating the crunchy carrots. But I’m making that pic the wallpaper on my laptop!

  2. Great blog Jess! I agree Kim is one wonderful lady. One that I’m proud to know and talk to everyday!

  3. what a nice tribute to Kim. I’m still baffled by the tomotoes for breakfast part, but her motivation to be super green is inspiring.-Melissa

  4. Yay for Kim!!! I’ll bet she doesn’t even realize how much she leads by her quiet example. I love the adorable little cake…did you make it?

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