Green acres is the place for me!

I have to admit I am feeling a little bit like Zsa Zsa when she parts from her Park Avenue penthouse and arrives to the country. But I love it!

The day we had our walk through our septic tank was being replaced. This city girl had never seen a septic tank. I thought it was like a large, round, plastic barrel that the contained all the water that vacated the house. To my amazement I learned that it was a very large, rectangular concrete contraption burried beneath the front lawn with large pipes running through it. I even walked on it… in my heels!

The first few days have been a real whirlwind. We’ve been unpacking boxes fast and furiously so that we could have some clothes to wear and the kids would have some semblance of a bedroom. The kitchen is actually completely unpacked. I really feel it is the most important room for our day to day living. Go figure the dishwasher is already broken! It’s an older KitchenAid model. Luckily we were smart and took out a warranty. If it can not be fixed it will be replaced. Free of charge.

Our first day here a little boy in the 4th grade came down from his house up the hill from us and introduced himself. He was here playing with the kids outside all afternoon. We had to send him home at the end of the day! On Saturday our neighbors came over with warm, fresh out of the oven brownies! Those neighbors have two boys, one in 5th grade and one in 2nd. Yesterday all 3 boys came over to get Christopher to see if he wanted to help them burn all the brush and sticks and branches! He had a blast with his new friends!

Last night, while Christopher was outside with the boys, Don was mowing the lawn and decided to let Alexander join him. As I was unpacking box after box in the master bedroom I was staring out my window in complete disbelief and utter amazement. I am still pinching myself. I can not believe that I am here in this house. I can not believe that this house is my home. Instead of watching all the cars come to a screaching halt at the stop sign on our front lawn… instead of listening to overly loud car radios blaring… instead of hearing all the sirens from the ambulances, fire trucks and police cars as they raced around our corner… I was looking out my window watching the serene scene of father and son riding a tractor up and down the hill in front of our house… looking at the little red barn on the corner… I could hear nothing but birds and the mower…

I really feel I have everything I have ever wanted. I feel fortunate and grateful and blessed. I have a spacious, comfortable and welcoming home. I have a wonderful back yard for the kids to play in. I have neighbors who have been more welcoming than I ever dreamed.

My heels are all put away in the closet. Little rubber flip flops are on my feet. We are home!


7 thoughts on “Green acres is the place for me!

  1. I am so happy that this house has worked out so well for you! It sounds like you are in a wonderful neighborhood and you and your family are going to LOVE it there! Congrats on the new house Jess!

  2. I’m so happy for you that you’re so happy, Jess!
    I had no idea about the septic tank either.

  3. You are out in the county now Zsa Zsa…watch out for the wild animals. This advice is coming from my vast experience running from the wild creatures (real and imagined). LOL!

  4. aw! I’m so, so happy for you,D,R, C, and A! It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start in your new home. Enjoy!
    And, I’m LMAO at Marie’s comment! yep, you better watch out for the attack coyotes and grizzly bears out in the country! LOL

  5. Congrats on the new home!! You sound like me — never heard of septic before, lived in the city, moved to the “country” um…suburbs…but it’s quite different. But, honestly, I could NEVER be happier. It’s the best. Good luck with unpacking and settling in! 🙂

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