Nine Year Old Logic

Yesterday afternoon we were driving downtown to get the kids some new Pokemon cards for trading. As we got closer to town the houses started to get a little smaller. (Traditional New England Cape Cod style homes.) Rebecca and Christopher were looking out their windows and Christopher noticed one without a chimney. When asked about it I replied that some houses do not have chimneys. Rebecca asked, somewhat incredulously, how Santa got into those homes? I told her that entered through the windows or doors. Having not heard my answer — or perhaps ignoring it altogether she said “Oh, those people must be Jewish!” How completely logical to her!

Then she declared that she believed in Jesus. (She is half Catholic and half Jewish.) “I believe in Jesus Christ mom but you don’t, right?” Then without a moment’s hesitation she went on to ask “Mom, if you don’t believe in Jesus then why do you say it all the time?”


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