The Impersonator

We were in the car taking Rebecca to ice skating yesterday evening after school. I had the joyful duty of taking all three kids with me since Daddy had a meeting in New Hampshire. I had been in the car all day with Alexander. Any amount of time spent in the car with Alexander is a long time. Once he gets in there his mouth starts going and he won’t stop. If there was just some sort of button to turn him off… or if I could just unplug him I could have some peace and quiet. Just a little.

Poor kid though had basically been in the car from 11:30 am until 7:00pm. It was just one of those days. We left the house in the morning to get some food since Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards were bare. He fell asleep. And who was I to wake him so I let him sleep and hung out in the car. I then went to get Rebecca at school. She was in the dining room with her friend Marissa and her teacher happily munching on spaghetti. When she was done we headed to New Haven to get her ice skates.

I had to pull her out because when we had gone to the Greenwich store for her boot fitting on Saturday (after having endured a 40 minute traffic filled trip both directions) there were no boots in her size. Arghhh. Luckily we were successful yesterday. We got back to school at 2:00pm and then I had to really go get some food this time since Alexander fell asleep during our first attempt. Then we went to CVS to get our weekly supply for Zyrtec. I am, btw, NOT a happy customer that this has gone OTC as with three kids on the stuff daily my wallet is really feeling the pinch. My wallet was much happier when the insurance company covered all but my $10 deductible. But oh well, like everything else these days, this must get more expensive too, but I digress.

After the quick CVS run it was 3:00 and off to get Christopher from school. But I had a Parents Association meeting that I had forgotten about. So a quick pop in there. Then to fetch Christopher and head home to put the perishables away. Then back to school to get Rebecca to take her to skating, but not before dropping little Victoria off at her parents restaurant… phew.

So I had my two boys and we headed home. Only my road was blocked off by utility trucks and I had to drive like 5 miles out of my way to get around and back on to my street. So aggravating. Finally we get home and the garage doors won’t open. Oh, so that’s why the utility trucks were there! Walk around to the front of the house and quickly put the food away. It’s dark and all the alarms and smoke detectors are bleeping because there is no power. Christopher hates the noise which is good. Gets him out of the house faster! And back to grab Becca we go. But I have forgotten to get her skating clothes. So back in I run. I grab just anything. Back out I go. Collect the two girls, drop Victoria off and as we head on the Merritt Parkway going North I breathe a sigh of relief. This is it. Once we get to the rinks the rest is easy. We head home!

But the kids can not be turned off. Alexander is talking, louder, faster than anybody. I hear him shouting No! No! No! Over and over and over again! Ugh, I need to get out of the car. Then, Rebecca, sitting ever so quietly in the back says “Wow, Alexander, you are doing a great job impersonating Mommy!”


7 thoughts on “The Impersonator

  1. Girl…you have one crazy life! You’re a saint! I don’t know how you do it! I can totally relate to A talking all the time. Mason NEVER stops talking…only when he’s asleep!

  2. Zyrtec® Cetirizine HCI/ Antihistamine 10mg
    75 Tablets
    Original Prescription Strength
    Item # 720464
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    At Costco. (I don’t have stock but for OTC meds they’re great).

    The generic version is 10 mg, 300 Tablets $15.99

  3. Thanks SO much Wilma! CVS does not have a generic for kids… is the Cosco brand chewable? R can not swallow yet… Another reason I must join Cosco!

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