Remains of the day….

A friend of mine was supposed to be stopping by for a tour of the house this morning. I made sure beds were made and dirty underwear in laundry baskets where they belonged. Other than that I had done nothing. I wanted to make some banana bread with the rotting bananas out on the counter, but never got around to it. I hoped she’d understand. Now, I am sure that she didn’t expect anything but I can not entertain without offering some sort of food and drink. That’s just not my style. I had stuff here, nothing homemade though.

When the doorbell rang and I heard voices I didn’t think much of it. I thought perhaps my friend Lynne had tagged along. But when I opened my door to a gaggle of women carrying muffins and scones, warm casseroles of baked breakfast delights, a box of Starbucks coffee, milk, orange juice, quiche, fruit and a beautiful plant of flowers I was completely taken aback… I was rendered speechless… I was immensely touched by these women who thought to do this for me. They were the Welcome to E. Committee who had nicknamed themselves the Stepford Wives of E. Honestly, my first reaction was that the floors were dirty and the vacuum broken. But what could be done about that? Nothing!

They also came with gifts for me, lovely baskets filled with wonderful items from our town, bottles of wine, gift certificates to my favorite bakery, a pink flamingo for the front lawn, play money to help with taxes notoriously and ridiculously high… I felt like the Grinch of Christmas morning as he was carving the roast beast. My heart grew three sizes today!

So I ushered in these women, Moms from the school my children attend the next town over, my friends. We made space among the clutter in the kitchen (Oh, the clutter! Oh the rotting bananas!) for the platters and trays and bowls and boxes of goodies. I offered tours. We dug into the food, poured the drinks and the conversation flowed seamlessly and effortlessly. Some of these moms I knew very well as they have children the same age as mine. Others I know from a wave or from passing in the gym or the hallway over the years. Some I know from the various committees we have served on together. I couldn’t imagine going to all this trouble for me! I am still in awe… and want to thank each and everyone of you who managed to pull this off and somehow keep this a secret from me! Susan, my friend and mother with a most enormous tote, the instigator and all the other players: Lynne, Laura, Debbie, Marilynn, Andrea, Maria… you are all so wonderful and thoughtful and I will remember this day for the rest of my life!


3 thoughts on “Remains of the day….

  1. What a wonderful group of new friends you have there Jess! I’m so excited that moving has been such a great experience for you!

  2. Damn. When the Stepford Wives appear on my doorstep they never bring goodies.

    Glad you’re being welcomed so generously into your new community!

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