He must be getting sick…

Yesterday I walked in to Christopher’s room and it was spotless. Not just spotless for him, but spotless for me! I hadn’t asked him to clean it, though I was about to. He had been playing hard in his room with army toys and Matchbox cars and a slew of other goodies. Then I walked into the kitchen and found this. I never asked him to do this. Alexander had gotten into a box filled with styrofoam peanuts and, well, you can figure out what happened next. I chased Alexander out of the room — much like you chase a dog away! And came back to this.

Christopher: “Mom, can I get paid for this?”

Me: “I think that would be fair seeing as I never asked you to do this and you cleaned up your room without being asked

Christopher: “How much are you going to pay me? $10? $25

Me: “Well, I was thinking more like $2!”

Christopher: “Darnit. That’s nothing. Can I have my TV* priveleges back instead?”

(*TV priveleges had been taken away because he was not dressed for his soccer game on time.)


3 thoughts on “He must be getting sick…

  1. Avery does that without outdoor stuff because she knows that her dad will pay her.
    Does C always wear his shin pads over top of his socks? Here that’s a big no no, lol.

  2. Yes he does… don’t the shin guards run irritate the skin if worn under the socks? His are hard and plastic and attach on the back with velro.

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