Play With Your Food

I unpacked all my copper today and boy was it ever tarnished. Some of the pieces were such a dark green they seemed more a dirty pewter rather than the dirty copper. My mother saw some of the pieces and said that she had heard that ketchup was good for cleaning copper. So after they left I had nothing better to do — no laundry, no dishes, no cupcakes to bake for the Brownie troop, no sweeping (vacuum is still in the shop) and certainly no packing left to do whatsoever! So I took out my ketchup and decided to try a little experiment. What I learned was that for slightly tarnished pieces the ketchup was great, but for those that were significantly tarnished it didn’t do a thing.

Exhibit A: Lightly tarnished — Top picture before and bottom picture after

Exhibit B Heavily Tarnished: Before (top) and After (bottom)


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