What’s on your Summer Reading List?

I am currently reading and enjoying Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It’s a wonderful story of two best friends coming of age. A perfect summer read.
The author best describes it as “a big, juicy, emotionally complex novel about two women who are friends for thirty years. It’s the kind of book I love to read, with larger than life characters making difficult, wrenching decisions. These two women, who meet as girls in the glittering, disco seventies in a small town, make a pact one terrible night: best friends forever. It is a vow that holds true, creating a friendship that becomes the bulkhead of their lives, solid and durable…until one fateful day when a shocking betrayal rips them apart. It’s a story that reaffirms the importance of friendship in our lives and reminds us all to slow down a little, to appreciate the people who have made us who we are, and to stay close to the people we love.”

For more more information check out her website. I have a feeling that I will be picking up more of her books! I’ll be finished with this one in no time and am seeking recommendations!


6 thoughts on “What’s on your Summer Reading List?

  1. This sounds WONDERFUL! Almost a combination of Snowflower and The Fan and Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen — in an odd way!I’m picking it up tomorrow!

  2. I had never heard of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen… looks like another to put on my list!

  3. We’ll have to compare notes again in a couple of weeks and see how we did with each other’s books:)

  4. Kimmy I will read that after “Suck in Your Stomach and Put Some Color On” LMAO that is really a book and Mean Mommy that I am, am always telling R to suck her tummy in!

  5. I never get a chance to read so I have no recommendations but I am scribbling down everyone’s must reads just in case some day down the road I get a chance to indulge.

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