What’s your dirty little secret?

Here’s mine!

I hate doing laundry and when I don’t keep on top of it here is what happens… in addition to this mountain there was a load in the wash, a load in the dryer and two loads I had just washed and folded. All in all that was 12 loads of laundry. It’s taken about 3 days to get through and the final load needs to go into the dryer. Of course I have to put this all away. And of course the kids will come home from school all dirty and I will no longer be able to say the laundry is all done.

The washer is an antique and not at all water or fuel efficient. It’s on the top of the list to replace. After the dishwasher. See Kim, I am not SuperMom… SuperMom would have her laundry done, folded, ironed and put away every day. Personally, I don’t see what’s so wrong with having the kids grab their clothes right from the baskets. Why bother folding and putting back into their drawers when but in a few hours they’ll be back in those baskets. Something to think about eh?

This is one of the chores I loathe the most. The other is emptying the dishwasher!


6 thoughts on “What’s your dirty little secret?

  1. You’re never done with laundry unless you do it naked 🙂

    I could take pics just like that (but my laundry room isn’t as nice). It seems like I’ve just finished 9 loads, and I have 5 new ones waiting already.

  2. ugh- I have so much laundry to do too and very rarely feel caught up. And, there are only three of us right now- what is it going to be like in August??
    I’m jealous of your laundry room, though. Mine is down in our scary, dirty, spider and cobweb filled, rock walled basement. ick.

  3. Ha–we loathe the same chores–laundry and emptying the dishwasher. Those are DH Chores in my house!

  4. I hate laundry too. Because I hang to dry I can’t get on top of it ever. It’s never done.

    I think I hate cleaning the bathroom more than I hate laundry though.

    For all that I’m a green girl, I hate all aspects of cleaning.

  5. just seeing the pictures caused me to break out is a sweat and get all anxious. I’m in the midst of dirty, to be folded and waiting to get put away mountain of clothing myself.

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