Please Accept my Apologies… again

I am very rarely wrong. My friends can attest to that. But when I am it is usually for something big. In this case it is Very Big. I owe someone an apology. I owe my Two Year Old with (Grubby) Little Fingers an apology. I can’t now because he is sleeping on the couch next to me. Little tiny snores. It’s cute when a baby snores — as opposed to his father!! His little blond messy head is resting on my left thigh. My little trouble maker is not in trouble. Well, he is in trouble because he is always up to something. But he’ll get his Blue’s Clues and Dora back tonight. And I feel awful. I feel terrible. I feel guilty. I feel awfully terribly guilty of accusing him of misplacing, er, losing my glasses. It was not his fault (this time) at all. It was all complete mine. I found the glasses this morning in my car on the floor of the front passenger’s seat. I haven’t told him yet. I am scared to. I am scared to tell my 2 year old that I falsely accused him of a misdemeanor. My bad. I am bad. I am a bad mommy and I feel awful and terrible and guilty. I do it all the time. Lose my glasses that is. Chrissy calls them corrective lenses. Whatever you call them, I lose them. I am going to CVS today and getting myself one of those old lady chains. That’s how terrible I feel about wrongly accusing Alexander of losing my glasses. Still, it might be a good lesson for him to get him to stop touching my things. At this point I am thisclose to telling him to go ahead and touch all my things. So,

Alexander, I am so sorry. Mommy was wrong.

There it is written for you because I am almost never wrong and you may never see or hear me say it ever again.

But this time I am… I was…

and I am sorry!


6 thoughts on “Please Accept my Apologies… again

  1. Jessica,

    You are right, I am a dork. You cheated and since you double tagged me, you are a dork, too. You don’t have to do the post you were tagged too. It is ok, I understand if you can’t think of anything clever to write. After all, you are getting senile and accusing your 2 year old of doing things that you did yourself. 🙂 LMAO poor Owie.

  2. Don’t feel bad…I spanked Grayson yesterday for something that I later found out he didn’t do. 😦 Talk about feeling guilty!!!

  3. Owie will be so glad to have Blue back he’ll forgive and forget as quick as you can say “A Clue! A Clue!”

  4. Glad you found your glasses, but you know there are some fabulous looking old lady chains out there. I used to have a great one for my sunglasses. It finally broke after a few years and guess what? I can’t find my sunglasses, just in time for summer.

    I bet Alexander got over it. At least you apologized.

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