Bubble Juice

Did you know that humid and overcast days will result in the best bubbles?

On Thursday I took Alexander to our local children’s museum, The Stepping Stones Museum for Children, (which by the way is phenomenal and if you are ever in Southern Connecticut with young children you should stop by) where they set up an interactive bubble display in the warmer months. Alexander and I had a blast. We got the recipe for their bubble solution and made it at home. We made wonderful bubbles with the oversized wands we purchased from the museum gift shop. But any sized bubble wand will do. In fact, next time I am out and about I am going to pick up a couple of fly swatters. My friend Sarah told me they create hundreds of tiny bubbles! Whodathunk?

Recipe for Bubble Juice
1 Cup of Dawn or Palmolive
4 Tbs. liquid glycerin (found in a bottle at the drugstore)
12 Cups of water
Mix well but slowly so as not to create too many in bubble mixture
Mixture improves with age (like a fine wine!)
Note: I cut the recipe in half and we had plenty for many bubble blowing hours with a good bit left over.

2 thoughts on “Bubble Juice

  1. Very cool! I will have to try this. What did you mix it in? Not sure I have something big enough.
    Btw, I love A’s shorts! So cute!

  2. I mixed them in a 1/2 gallon-sized pitcher and then put them in an old (washed out!) plastic milk jug for storage.

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